These game can be found in almost every live casino. The new copy has now been added, named Cash or Crash online game. The game takes place in a kind of airship that is about to crash. The clean task of preventing this lies with the player. Here we are going to look at exactly how Cash or Crash works and what makes this new live game in online casinos so much fun.

Cash or Crash Online Game as a Live Game

Cash or Crash online game knows the live casino game show. This means that as a player you can watch everything that happens directly via a live connection, which of course makes it extra exciting. 

This makes it a bit comparable to similar games in the live casino such as Deal or No Deal and Crazy Time. Like these games, we expect Cash or Crash to be very successful. Perhaps the best feature of the game is that it is not very difficult to understand. 

You don’t need a lot of experience to play it. Betting actually only works one way and so nothing can go wrong with that. However, that does not mean that it is not extremely exciting and immersive, like all Evolution games in the live casino. Below you can see exactly how it works.

Cash or Crash Works

So there is only one way you can gamble at Cash or Crash online game. Not very difficult so far. In the end, what matters is that you get in just in time and then leave before the airship will crash. If you do that right, you can earn quite a lot with this game. 

The payouts can increase at a rapid pace. When is the best time to get in and out is entirely up to the gambler as this can change from round to round. In total there are twenty different levels, like steps on a ladder. Each time it builds up at a steady pace, but you can just be too late and end up empty-handed. 

A number of balls are played, these are conjured up by a flight attendant who guides the game. As long as green balls are drawn, the aircraft will continue to fly, and the prizes will keep getting higher and higher.

If you want more, staying seated is of course also no problem, until a red ball is brought out. If this happens, it will be too late, and everyone who is still active will lose their bet.

Cash or Crash Works Biggest profit

Beside, the green and red balls, there is another golden ball in play. This is very rare and will therefore hardly appear in the game. That is not surprising, because this allows gamblers to win 50,000 times their initial bet. This also makes it the highest achievable profit in the game, and can of course yield a hefty amount. 

Although this also applies to the standard game, especially if you dare to take the risk of staying as long as possible. If you manage to survive all twenty rounds, you can also win up to 18,000 times your stake. 

While a golden ball is even better, that makes it well worth it. The chances of it happening are slim, but anyone who dares to stay in the game that long has certainly deserved the win. It can be annoying when you wait too long and let a big profit slip out of your hands.

Pros Cash or Crash Online Game

Not only is Cash or Crash online game that is quite easy to understand. This makes it a lot more accessible, which is always a plus. In addition, it will appeal to a wider audience. It doesn’t detract from the tension of the game, which is also very immersive. That in itself is more than enough reason to give it a try. But there is more.

Cash or Crash has an incredibly high Return to Player (RTP) or payout percentage. This is a whopping 99.59%, which means that of all bets made, this percentage is paid back to players. This makes it one of the highest payout percentages that can be found among the games in live casinos.

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