Various Mini Games on Gambling Sites

Various Mini Games on Gambling Sites

Mini Games – Some people choose to fill their spare time by playing online gambling. Now there are many websites that offer interesting mini games on gambling sites. Playing gambling has also become easier using data and smartphones, beside playing in Here are the most popular gambling mini games in the world.

Usually online gambling websites provide a variety of interesting mini games. So if players are bored playing one game, they can try other mini games on gambling sites.

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1. Casino

Online casino is a game that can be accessed through online betting. If you want to become a professional player, you must register on the casino provider site first. There are many variations of casino games.

2. Poker

The game that is no less popular is online poker. Poker game is a form of gambling such as playing cards totaling 52 cards. Online poker wins are said to be perfect if the player gets the highest 5 poker card combinations. Online poker can trigger sharper instincts, instincts and mental resilience of the players.

3. Domino

Domino online is a game that uses dominoes as the medium. Consists of 28 domino cards that have different values ​​with the symbol of the dots. Usually in a domino game played by 2 to 6 people.

4. Sportsbook

A sportsbook is a sports game where a certain amount of money is at stake. Examples include betting on basketball, football, boxing, hockey, horse racing and golf competitions.

5. Capsa Susun

Capsa Susun is the easiest game because players arrange cards into three different levels. The rules are that the top card consists of 3 cards and the other 2 levels consist of 5 cards. The capsa stacking game is very popular in several Asia Pacific countries, especially in Hong Kong.

6. Virtual Sports

Virtual sports in the form of games that use the help of video streaming and 3D animation technology. This game system is where players will bet on a wide selection of available sports.

7. Slot Machines

Slot Machine is highly recommended for beginners. How to play is quite easy because players simply press the slot button to get 3-5 pictures.

How to Heal Yourself When Addicted to Online Gambling

If you continue to play gambling every day and can’t stop, it means you are addicted. To heal yourself from online gambling addiction, you can follow these steps.

1. Self Introspection

Do introspection to see the negative effects experienced after continuously gambling. Avoid remembering the time of a beautiful victory because it will make you complacent.

2. Finding the Reason Caught Gambling

Find out what reasons make gambling games fun. For example, to forget about problems, happiness, earn extra money, or help socialize. It is very difficult to build a good foundation for living if you do not know the basic reasons for gambling.

3. Blocking Access to Online Gambling

Try blocking all access to the world of online gambling. Especially blocking gambling sites that are often opened via computers and smartphones. Must completely close all access, including avoiding the closest people who often play gambling.

4. Asking Others to Help Control Your Finances

When addicted to gambling it is usually difficult to manage finances. Therefore, there is no harm in submitting the problem of financial arrangements to the closest people.

5. Looking for Productive Activities

To forget gambling activities, then busy yourself doing productive activities. For example, exercising, social action, doing hobbies, and participating in self-development activities. / Dy

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