How to Play Thunderball Lottery Game and Odds Analysis

Thunderball Lottery

Thunderball Lottery – Thunderball is one of the most popular lottery games in the UK and in most of the world. Thunderball, as usual, is a home based game. This game is played throughout the country by getting people to choose at random numbers from the numbered balls and then drawing balls with the winning number.

A player can get the chance to win as much asiftouput in the lottery, which is an amount of money with a minimum limit of £30,000. That was the limit in the olden days but now the amount is muchKRG (growing).

If you play Thunderball at the UK National Lottery you have to pick out 6 number from 1 to 49 and a bonus ball, which is called the Thunderball number. The reserve ball is the number selected by the lottery machine or a faster machine.

The amount of payout for the Thunderball number itself is very high, because it is the most difficult to be drawn in the game. To play the Thunderball number all you have to do is to mark the box, which is also know as the Quick Pick, for your chosen number. If you make a mistake you can SDU ( Scale Up & Buy) the cost of the additional ball to exchange it for the original one.

When making an account you fill in your name, address, credit card, password and email address. All of the information you provide are absolutely secure and you will not be ever be under pressure to make a deposit.

Payments are usually brought to your email, rather than the bank. For security reasons the UK National Lottery will not ask you for credit card details online, but if you have any problems you can contact them toll free telephone number in less than 8 weeks from now.

Play to get the Thunderball Lottery Game Jackpot

To Play Thunderball Lottery Game you must fill in the standard playing ticket, with only 6 numbers picked then you choose the Thunderball number. If you got the Thunderball number correct you will be paid out the winning amount.

That’s the extent of the rules as far as the game is concerned. You must have guessed the correct number to win the game and you can only win the jackpot if you filled in the Thunderball number correctly. Try playing on the agen judi online gambling site, good luck.

However, it is not quite that easy to win the jackpot. The odds of hitting the jackpot are 1 in 14 million. Those odds are much higher than any lottery game. But then again who would really rather play 14 million different one number instead of millions of others?

Who would not want to win the UK Thunderball lottery game? If you have not won you can still play the UK lotto and maybe win a few bucks. Or you could do the same in reverse to actually win some money. How? Don’t worry I am here to help. I have done all the research and listed the secrets needed to win the game.

It is all about the system. If you know what numbers or symbols bring the money then you will increase your odds of winning the game. remove those numbers that have already won and bring the winning numbers back. This actually makes the odds of winning lower.

The beauty of the Thunderball game is that the Thunderball number is not too far off from the other numbers, meaning that you only need to match 3 of the 5 numbers in the base game to win the Thunderball.

Unlike other lottery games though the Thunderball game has some kings as well. You need to match 3-out-of-5 numbers and also the bonus ball to win the game. The Thunderball bonus ball can earn you up to 50 free plays.

If you keep playing the Thunderball game you will eventually find a combination of numbers that will win you the jackpot. Apart from the regular Thunderball game, there is another game calledThunder TTaby. The game is just the same as the regular Thunderball game, but with some added features.

The odds or odds in this game are also at 1 in 14 million, but the payout is more than tripled, from 2 to 5 pounds. You can also enjoy the TTaby game if you cross your Thunderball TTaby off your daily draw.

Today, playing Thunderball is growing faster than ever because people are now able to play from home and even offline. You can now enjoy this fun and exciting lottery game anytime, anywhere simply by logging online. /Aha

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