We verified combining an LCD panel, a back plate, and a dock connector which might be considered to be for iPad3.

前回の投稿で「Apple iPad3 SHARP社製ディスプレイか?」で入手したiPad3では無いかと思われるSHARP社製液晶パネルとバックパネル、ドックコネクターケーブルを組み合わせてみて整合性を検証してみました。



We combined and evaluated the quality and integrity of an LCD panel by Sharp Corporation which is from our previous article “Is it the LCD panel by SHARP for Apple’s iPad3??”, a back plate and a dock connector cable.
First of all, in comparison to a back plate of iPad2, the iPad3 one(?) is a little bit thicker; less than 1mm, and equal-sized length and breadth.


This is a picture of a back side of the back plate.
Does this picture show you the difference in the attachment screw hole of the LCD panel?




We assembled the back plate of iPad2 and iPad3 (?) into the LCD panel by Sharp Corporation which we’ve got the other day.
The points which the arrows indicate just the right size as screw holes.

Now, it became clear that the LCD panel made by SHARP was designed for this back panel.




This is a comparison picture of the dock connectors which might be considered to be for iPad3 and the dock connector of iPad2.

If these parts are aligned with each back plates…..

The screw holes meet well!





Another point is the difference of a hole of a camera.

If the back plate which we got this time is compared with the plate of iPad2, although we could see the difference in the form and size.
If we see it from the outside, a diameter of a hole is about 7mm and an inside diameter is about 4.5mm, those are not so much different from iPad2.
However, we believe that it is certain to be equipped with a different camera lens from iPad2 as a mount form of a camera is different when we see it from the back side.

Well, are these parts really for iPad3? Or are these prototypes in the middle of a trial production?

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