Review Game PS4 Until Dawn – Horror Genre with Great Visual

Until Dawn

Following the review game PS4 Until Dawn, Until Dawn is a game with an interactive drama horror genre released on August 25, 2015. This game is developed by Supermassive Games. Besides, this is an exciting survival game published by Sony Computer Entertainment too.

Best Graphics Display For Players

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Anyone who plays this game will feel how tense the atmosphere is. and gripping that is presented in this game. Being one of the PS4 games that have the best graphics display, Supermassive Games has succeeded in developing vivid visuals.

The story of this game was written by Larry Fessenden and Graham Reznick. This duo can produce a story that is so lively and on par with an extraordinary sword film. Even people who are members of the development team also take inspiration from various sources to get a narrative story that can stir the emotions of the players.

This inspiration is reportedly also obtained from films such as the film Evil Dead II and Poltergeist. Apart from that, the development team also drew inspiration from several other video games such as Heavy Rain, Resident Evil, and Silent Hill.

While developing the game, the team in charge also used the galvanic skin response test. This test is done to make sure the gameplay in this game is so scary. The galvanic skin response test is used to measure the level of fear of the playtesters when playing Until Dawn.

This game also cannot be separated from the hands of professionals like Jason Graves composed the soundtrack. Besides, Guerrilla Games’ Decima game engine was used for the graphics, making this game feel real and alive.

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A Horros Game With Lots Of Dialogues and Choices

Until Dawn can be said to be a horror game with lots of dialogues and choices. When playing this game, players will be in control of eight characters who must survive in Blackwood Mountain when their lives are threatened.

You’ll control your character, walk around, collect clues, and watch tons of cutscenes, much like the game The Wolf Among Us. However, this game is very different from The Wolf Among Us because Until Dawn offers many choices with real consequences.

The story in this game begins when the eight characters decide to spend the weekend in a secluded house on a mountain. During this stay at Blackwood Mountain, a character with the name Hannah Washington runs into the woods because of a cruel joke. Hannah’s twin sister, Beth searched the forest for her. But when they find them, the two of them are chased by a stranger who holds a flamethrower. Until finally both fell from the edge of the cliff. Surprisingly, no bodies were found by the police and the nuns on duty were declared missing.

One year later, Hannah and Beth’s brother Josh invited the members of the party back to the inn. Despite having tension and also objecting to the tragedy that had occurred, all members of the group accepted the invitation and came to the inn.

Everyone arriving at the inn had to travel via cable car before engaging in separate activities on the mountain. These eight characters want to get closure by meeting again so they can find out what happened to Hannah and Beth. This is where the story begins so tense.

The Atmosphere That Brings Your Emotions

When playing this game, you will feel an atmosphere that is so tense that your emotions are also stirred. This cannot be separated from how hard Supermassive Games tries to deliver extraordinary games.

The length of time you have to complete for this game ranges from eight to twelve hours. The length of this game depends on how fast you kill the character with the available options. As the name implies, Until Dawn, you can play this game at 10 pm and finish at 5 am.

While playing this game, you will encounter a dominating butterfly effect. The butterfly effect can be said as a really small event that can affect a very large event. You can find this effect like when there is a butterfly flutter which causes the failure of a building to explode.

This effect makes you have to make choices that can influence what happens next. In this game, the choices you make are very important, such as whether you will pick up a ringing smartphone, kill a squirrel in the forest, until whether you find a piece of paper will have a big impact on the story later.

All the choices presented in this game do have an impact on the next story. However, you still have the option to deal with every impact that is generated. So it can be said that the developer managed to show the concept of the butterfly effect in this game is a perfect way without overdoing it.

Whenever you play this game, you will still enjoy every storyline without constantly racking your brains or worrying too much. You must know that this game has an ending according to your choice. Your choice will change the ending of the game, so it can be said that there are various endings prepared for this game.

How Can The Characters Survive?

You can finish this game with eight characters alive, all or part of the death. The characters in the game can easily be saved by making the right choices in certain instances. Uniquely, you cannot pinpoint where a character can be saved. This incident can happen in the middle of the game or at the end of the game. If you want to win this game, you must be able to survive and survive until dawn arrives. Survived what? Of course, this is a mystery in this game.

Even though this game feels so creepy and tense, Until Dawn is still a fun entertainment. Even some people who have played this game, also feel how this game can attack their psychological side. This is none other than because everything presented in this game feels so real. Every character that is presented feels alive with amazing details. You can see the strands of hair, skin, clothes, buildings, and so on, it feels so alive.

There is no need to doubt the graphic visuals offered by this game. Even each character that exists also comes with such realistic emotions. Coupled with amazing effects that will sedate the players, of course, this game is very worthy of being recommended.

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