Review Game PS4 – Horizon Zero Dawn by Guerilla Games

Review Game PS4 - Horizon Zero Dawn By Guerilla Games

Horizon Zero Dawn by Guerilla Games is a game that has an action role-playing genre. This game was released on February 28, 2017, as an exclusive game on PS4. This game is planned to be released for Microsoft Windows as well in 2020. Horizon Zero Dawn developed by Guerrilla Games with the hard work and the nice art.

A Touching Story with the Main Character of a Brave Girl


Horizon Zero Dawn by Guerilla Games story comes with great depth. This game published by Sony Interactive Entertainment tells about the journey of a girl named Aloy. In the story, Aloy is a girl who lived without the parents. It is made her has a big problem in the village. In the tribe where he lives, the matriarchal system is still upheld. As a result, Aloy was not allowed to set foot in his village because he was born without a mother.

Her journey to being kicked out of the village could certainly make the players shed tears. Aloy is always ostracized and treated badly because he is considered a despicable girl. Even his presence was considered a mistake. Aloy received an insult that made anyone feel so sorry for this girl. Luckily, Aloy was accompanied by a man who became a mentor in his life, named Rost.

Horizon Zero Dawn by Guerilla Games story strengthened by Rost’s presence. This male character who is full of attention to Aloy seems to be a light for Aloy’s poor life. As Aloy’s mentor, Rost teaches many things that are useful for life. With great affection, Rost teaches how to hunt to survive in a world filled with animal-shaped machines. Aloy will gain expertise through this teaching experience.

Horizon Zero Dawn by Guerilla Games storygot even more interesting when little Aloy also got a tool called Focus. Focus is a tool similar to Google Glass or a tool used by the Saiyan people. Through this tool, Aloy gets various kinds of information, from the weak points of machine beasts to information related to what happened in the past. Accompanied by this tool, Aloy also succeeded in developing his abilities. You will find answers to questions that appear in the story while playing this game.

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Horizon Zero Dawn by Guerilla Games Has an RPG-Like Feel

Horizon Zero Dawn by Guerilla Games Has an RPG-Like Feel

Horizon Zero Dawn by Guerilla Games gameplay presents a third-person action game system that is added to the impression of an RPG (role-playing game). When playing this game, you can play Aloy with a bow. Although the bow looks like an ordinary weapon, the ability will be increased with Aloy’s strength.

Horizon Zero Dawn by Guerilla Games allows you to take advantage of the environment with a variety of items available. During the game, you can use tree trunks to make arrows. You can also use the availability of herbal plants that are used to heal blood. No need to worry about crafting, because the crafting method is designed easily.

If you want to increase your character’s level, you can collect existing experience points. With a successful level increase, you will get Skill Points. The Skill Points here are divided into three categories. It is Prowler, Brave, and Forger with quite a lot of branches. You can get all available Skill Points as the game progresses. All you need to do is choose which skill best matches the progress of the game.

You can find this skill in various ways. For example, if you want to play stealth, then you can activate the Prowler skill first. But if you like the Rambo style of play, then you can use the Brave style of play. All of this you can adjust to the existing circumstances. What you have to remember is that you have to be able to choose the right skill usage.

Besides skill points, you will also find NPCs (non-playable characters) who are ready to provide various kinds of tools and weapons to equip Aloy to survive in the outside world. To get this, you can only use the bartering system by using an item called a shard.

Where did this Shard come from? This shard can be obtained from machine beasts that have been killed or mysterious boxes scattered around the world. You can also buy clothes and weapons that have different effects on shards.

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Sophisticated Graphic Display Booming in Horizon Zero Dawn by Guerilla Games

Horizon Zero Dawn by Guerilla Games visuals are made with a new engine called Decima. The Decima engine has been used by Supermassive Games developers as an engine on the Until Dawn game too. But, Decima managed to function better in this game. That is made the visuals of the Horizon Zero Dawn game have superior quality and has the best graphic on ps4. This can be seen from the quality of the framerate which remains stable during the game.

Horizon Zero Dawn by Guerilla Games graphics quality is recognized in the advanced category. With a good graphic appearance, all the elements in the game are displayed more fantastically. Every detail of the characters is made in great detail like a living person. You will see an expression that is so natural when the character is talking or displays a dazzling facial expression. This lively image of a character is always stable during cutscenes or while playing.

The Horizon Zero Dawn by Guerilla Games effect is felt when there is a dynamic weather shift. Changes in weather and lighting can be presented properly so that it gives a very lively impression. The splash of water that arises when the character runs in the rain looks real with a perfect sound. You will find the muddy sound of puddles when you cross it and it will dry up when the weather is clear.

Horizon Zero Dawn by Guerilla Games presents a broad map. To explore this world, Aloy can control several machines to make him a real horse ride with amazing graphics. Each region a lot of tribes presented in this game is displayed with each unique detail that is different as a characteristic.

 It is complemented by the art that is used to design each character of the machine which is very creative. Inspired by various animals, the machines presented in this game still uphold aesthetic values. You will enjoy every visual of Horizon Zero Dawn by Guerilla Games in an extraordinary way and a thrilling atmosphere.