Review Game PS4 – God of War PS4 Action Adventure Game

God of War PS4

God of War PS4 action adventure game is a game that has an exploration action-adventure genre. This game was developed by Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE). Being one of the games that come with various series that are not obsolete, this game was released on April 20, 2018.

A Father and Child Story that is Exciting, Too Much to Be Missed

As one of the exclusive games for PlayStation 4 and has the best graphics on PS4, God of War which was released in 2018 is a sequel to God of War III in 2010. God of War PS4 action adventure game is very different from the previous series which took a story based on Greek mythology. This game is made with an epic based on Norse mythology. The main character of this game is still centred on the legendary Kratos character.

Santa Monica Studio manages to present a story that is so deep and able to provide its own emotions for the players. As a central character, the God of War PS4 action adventure game character Kratos still adapts the fairy tales of popular gods in the world.

Kratos, who is also a former Greek God of War, is said to have become more mature and wise. There is no longer the grumpy and brutal nature of the previous series. Kratos in this game is deeply depicted living a peaceful life in the world of Midgard.

In this Midgard world, Kratos meets Laufey and makes him his wife. Despite being the second wife, Laufey managed to conquer Kratos’ heart. From this marriage, Kratos has a son named Atreus. Kratos’ peaceful life began to change when his wife died. Inevitably, he had to raise Atreus, who had been raised by his mother.

The relationship between father and God of War PS4 action adventure game character son is beautifully depicted so that it can stir emotions. Kratos becomes confused when he has to deal with his son because so far he has never spent time with his son. Even Atreus only knows his father’s name without knowing the origin and true characteristics of Kratos.

This game will be even more exciting because Kratos and Atreus have to bring Laufey’s ashes to the highest point of the Midgard world to spread them out. Along the way to the location, Kratos and his children are always bothered by monsters and gods.

This will make the wearer feel the emotions more from the character because Kratos must be able to cater to the child’s curiosity. The strong relationship between father and son will naturally develop in a neatly structured story. The interaction between father and son also develops when you play this game.

A Magnificent World In God of War PS4 Action Adventure Game

The semi-open world God of War PS4 action adventure game depiction that is displayed in this game looks so beautiful and enchanting like a very wide-open world. The world is divided into sections that can be explored in exchange for rewards once you have explored them all. So when playing the game you don’t have to worry about a world that has no end because every part of the world you explore always provides a varied end.

God of War PS4 action adventure game gameplayoffers a more complex combat system through a systematic third-person perspective. You will no longer find the hack-and-slash system from hitting or spam attacks that existed in the previous three series.

The cinematic mode is also removed in this game and replaced with a POV (point-of-view) position above Kratos’ shoulder. When fighting, you must be able to attack and defend with full calculation to carry out effective attacks on enemies.

Kratos’ weapon is an ice-element axe named Leviathan Ax. Can be used for short or long distance by throwing it, this weapon can return to Kratos’ hands as ordered. A well-calculated combination of throws and melee attacks will allow you to defeat strong enemies more effectively.

You can also take advantage of the surrounding environment to complete attacks against the enemy, such as throwing an axe at the stone above the monster’s head and the stone will hit the monster’s head.

God of War PS4 action adventure game gameplay also presents a very pronounced sensation of RPG elements. Even though at the beginning of playing you can only use basic skills, this ability will continue to grow as you get more XP.

If you have got new skills, you can also upgrade your armour and increase your ability to defend or attack. The armour in this game is designed in a variety of ways, from big damage weapons to weapons with greater defence.

Besides Kratos, Atreus’ abilities can also be upgraded with existing XP. Atreus will progressively develop as the game progresses and provide awesome battles. Atreus can also defeat the enemy alone by shooting fire or electric arrows that can stun the enemy. This boy will help his dad to be a winner from the various enemy presented.

Best Visual Experience in God of War PS4 Action Adventure Game

God of War PS4 action adventure game graphic comes with technology that is so sophisticated that it deserves to be named the game with the best visuals throughout 2018. Such an immersive story becomes more perfect with an extraordinary visual graphic display.

Everything in the game such as the landscape, character movements, facial expressions, to Kratos’ thick beard that moves when he speaks is described in such detail that it looks so alive. Even when you first play this game, you will feel the appearance of this game so real.

This fact can fascinate you when you see the world in the God of War PS4 action adventure game visual effect feels very realistic. The sound of thunder booming like the original will surprise you when it rains. You will also find this realistic depiction on footprints when Kratos and Atreus stepped into a cold snowstorm. The details of the falling snow are luxuriously presented and make you forget that it is just a game. You’ll be free to have fun with this game.

Like a big-screen film, the animated effects that are presented in God of War PS4 action adventure game visual will make you speechless because the visuals are so fantastic. Some of the skills released during battle will come with different effects with perfect lighting and sound. The developer success magically brings the character or enemy. Beautifully, the character and enemy will make you blown. In other words, God of War is a game that comes with really awesome visuals and the best action ps4 games!

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