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10 Gambling Problem People Face Before They Gamble

Gambling Problem People Face
Beautiful young woman with protective face mask playing slot machine in casino.

Gambling problem has become a very popular thing and makes people waste their time. In order to avoid them, you need to know what those problems are. Lucky for you, we are here to help you out. These gambling problems will be very burdening for you.

But do not worry, because there are a few solutions to these gambling problem.

Gambling Problem People Face Before They Gamble

Gambling problem ranges from things such as anxiety, bad luck, lack in confidence, and so much more. Hence decreasing your performance in a game.

To get rid of these, you need to learn a few key tricks to stopping gambling problem from happening.

Lack of Balance

Everytime you go to a casino, there will always be this one problem that keeps happening. Which is when a player does not have enough balance.

What they have to do then is that they have to go do a deposit again. This is time consuming and will also consume some extra fees.

Take for example if you are playing in an online casino. If you are playing in an online casino, there are fees such as when you have to pay. Paying for deposit using debit and credit will take around $5 of fees more or less.

This is very consumptive if you keep depositing just because you did not deposit enough for the first time ever.

We recommend that you do a deposit that is around $100 in a minimum. That is actually the bare average of how usually people deposit money.

$100 should be more than enough for you to gamble with. To play safe, you could even deposit up to $ 500 if that might help. But we definitely suggest you deposit more.

Whereas if you go on an offline casino, this is a different case. A person can deposit all that he or she wants. The only problem is that depositing over and over again is time consuming.

You could end up wasting 10 minutes just to get another deposit. Anyways, depositing or withdrawing for a casino will not get you any fees at all.

So if you still want, you actually just need to do a one time deposit.

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Eat Before You Play

We often see people have a lack of focus when they are enjoying a game of poker. There are so many reasons why a player could lose their focus.

Especially if they are on a duel with another player. These are crucial moments in which you need to have full focus. To have full focus, you do need to limit the factors that are taking your focus away from you.

Take for example your hungry stomach. We have seen many bettor, gamblers, and players bring food to the poker table. This is very impolite and it is against the table manners.

To prevent this from happening, simply take a break and go eat first. But if you have time beforehand, then eat earlier.

Eat around 30 minutes before you get into the casino.

Usually casinos would also serve you cheap food. So get inside the casino to get a wide selection of free food or even cheap food.

Eating before you play could significantly boost your mental focus. Many players even chew gum while they are playing.

Chewing gum or eating candy is actually okay to do. But what we do not recommend is that you drink and play. Drinking while gambling is a problematic thing to do.

We will discuss this in the next part of this article. Just prepare a bottle of water nearby if you are thirsty.

Prevent Drinking Too Much While Gambling

Compulsive gambling is triggered when a person is not able to control themselves. This is usually caused by a lot of alcohol or booze.

Prevent any excessive alcohol intake.

Consuming a lot of alcohol could basically make you drunk. The more drunk you are, then the lamer you are going to be in playing a game of poker.

Many players make stupid decisions when they are drunk. Want to know some of them? Well check this out.

Players would have a higher percentage of going all in. Yes, an all in. An all in is a last move in which you could lose every single dime in your money.

People that are drunk are unable to make good decisions. Hence they lose the ability to count the necessary risks.

This might be okay for games such as roulette or even slot machines. But games that might use a bit more focus will be dangerous if you get drunk.

We suggest that you should stay away from alcohol when playing to poker. People will be able to read your facial expressions easier.

This means that your poker face would not work as well as how you might want it to be.

Learn How to Read Facial Expression

A game of poker relies on several aspects. Those aspects are such as focus, luck, probability, and facial expressions.

A profesional player is able to read the player’s face and cards. Take for example the infamous Daniel Nugreanu.

This player is able to call off what other players are without even seeing at all! This is a skill that takes time to learn.

People often do not even try and get too focused on their own cards. But the truth is, however good your card, it might even still lose.

There will always be a bigger and better card amongst all players. If this is the case, you need to find who has the best card. This is important to face any losses. You might not always win in poker.

But you could always lose faster by folding quicker. Hence you can prevent any huge losses. It is way better to lose early than to bet all in and loss. This might be a life saviour.

So at least try to read facial expressions when you are going to gamble. This is a common gambling problem that people often face.

Play in Moderate Amount of Stake

When you go to a casino, you are offered dozens of games. Some games might come at a very cheap price.

Such as slot machines that only takes $1 or even 50 cents. But there are also expensive games. Take for example games such as poker.

Poker has a minimum buy in fee. Which means if you do not have the minimum amount, you cannot join the poker table. We suggest you find the right amount of buy in and do not over bet.

Over betting can easily be done if you are in a table that does not suit you. Players often find themselves stranded in a game of poker.

There will always be a cheap table. You might not want to always win and make thousands of dollars. Instead you just want the thrill of gambling.

That is why we highly recommend that you look for a low stakes poker table.

The minimum buy in could even be as low as $2. All you need to do is to look properly. Do not directly sit on a table and get eaten by whales.

Whales are people who usually already has a lot of cash and has a high ability in playing poker. They are able to win by betting high and to push you to over bet.

This is dangerous and it might not be the right table for you to play in.

Withdraw When The Time is Right

Players will have to cash out at some point. If you want to go home with something, cash out when it is time to cash out.

Cashing out late would be a very bad thing. Because when it is too late, you would be left with $0. And $0 is very bad considering the amount of time and resources you put in.

Say that you began playing poker or any other type of game with $100. Making a $50 profit is more than enough. You could simply cash out and choose to take cash home. Use that $50 to get yourself a dinner.

Do not over bet and try to get a lot of money. Remember that the house always wins and it is unlikely for you to beat them. But when you can, cash out as soon as possible. Do not take unnecessary risks.

Withdrawing will have no minimum amounts. If you have a minimum of $5, then you can pull all of your money out. Do this and you could be safe from any type of losses.

Play Patiently

A common gambling problem being faced by every single player is patience. Emotions play a great role when you are trying to gamble. You might get mad if you lose. You might also get a panic attack seeing that you just lost $100.

As a result, you would go all in and lose your patience. Patience is key to get all of the money that you have lost back. Going impulsive without any control is very dangerous. Players can lose all of the money from one bad call.

Playing patiently is a skill that needs to be trained. You do not need to panic that you cannot be patient for a first couple minutes. All of it takes process and you might even lose it sometimes.

But think about all of the money that you can make if you are patience. You need to gain your focus back.

Focus is only gained if a player can concentrate. So find yourself in a peaceful state and breathe. Taking a deep breath could easily help calm you down and slow your heartbeat.

Try All Games

As we have told you before, a casino is filled more than 100 games. Ranging from bingo, poker, blackjack, lottery, slot machines, and so much more! Do not get stuck in one game.

Move on from a game that had made you loss. You can keep on trying for a couple of minutes.

But do not waste all your money on a game that is giving you bad luck. You could simply lose because that game is just a bad luck.

Try other games because trying new things might make you more profitable. Games such as roulette, poker, blackjack, and baccarat is fun to try.

These types of games are old school casino games. They never get old and people never get bored of them.

That is why even the biggest casinos still play these games. It is because everyone knows how to play them. If not, then the dealers could even help you to understand the game.

Try all games and split your gambling budget. Being stuck in a game alone is a great gambling problem that many people face.

Stay Hydrated

A part of being focused is to stay hydrated. Do not forget to drink because this is to prveent gambling problem from happening.

Drinking might seem so basic and so lame. Scientists actually show that your body is made up mainly of water. When you are dehydrated, you lose focus. You will get distracted too easily.

Soften Up

Casinos are made as a recreation place. It is never made to be a place where you can get a main source of income.

A gambling problem that is commonly found is that people get too tense. They are too focused on the prize. To the point they even forgot the point of having fun and playing. We suggest that you play for fun.

Play using the money that you are ready to lose.

This way, you would also have lesser pressure to always win. Lesser pressure is amazing to make risky calls. And if you lose, then you lose. No hard feelings and no stress at all right?

This is all because you are soften up and ready to have fun. That is all about gambling problem and how to stop them from happening to you.


Playing gambling is actually for fun. However, there is a potential for addiction that tends to lead you to life’s misery. So, be careful.

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