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Football Players according to the Standards

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The game of soccer is familiar to many circles. When football players play soccer, they will immediately understand the type of game that is taking place. The games that are played on this big field, of course, have certain rules in it.

These football players have to follow established rules and be part of the fun of the game itself. The existence of game rules in it will regulate how this game will be carried out.

The soccer player will score against the opponent’s goal. Like this unogoal, a player who scores a goal will earn the team one point.

With the right soccer players, these goals will count well. The excitement of the game will be even more tense if there is a penalty kick at the end of the game.

This kick is useful because the score of the game is serie or even. Soccer players have to do defense and attack well in order to make their team the winner.

Number of Football Players

Football Players

The soccer players according to the rules, of course, consist of 11 people. 10 people are divided into attackers, defenders and midfielders. While the remaining 1 are goalkeepers or goalkeepers.

The excitement of this game will be even more tense when you face opposing teams who are equally tough. This number of players can experience a reduction in players too, you know, one reason is the existence of a red card. When he gets a red card, he cannot enter the field again.

Another rule regarding soccer players is the substitution of players. When the game progresses, the team will have the opportunity to change players 3 to 7 times.

The reasons for the replacement of football players, for example, are injuries or changing players who are even more fit. In unogoal it is also explained that the game can still take place with a minimum number of players of 7 people.

Football Player Equipment Rules


For those who will play soccer, they are certainly familiar with the various equipment worn by the players.

This soccer player will definitely use the jersey as a team uniform. This jersey will be equipped with the name and jersey number as identification.

In addition, they are also required to wear soccer shoes according to the standards and also safety footwork deckers.

By following the existing rules, football players can play more smoothly and easily, making the game more exciting.

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