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Review Game PS4 – Death Stranding by Sony Interactive Entertainment

Review Game PS4 - Death Stranding By Sony Interactive Entertainment

Death Stranding by Sony Interactive Entertainment is an action genre game. This game is one of the exclusive games for PS4 which was released on November 4, 2019. Death Stranding has managed to become a stunning work thanks to the success of Kojima Productions. The developer managed to present a game that has a display level above average.

Introducing a Storyline of Death Stranding by Sony Interactive Entertainment

The Death Stranding Death Stranding by Sony Interactive Entertainment genre is said to be different from other games. Carrying the genre nicknamed “social strand”, this action game presents a new gaming experience like never before. As a genius figure, Kojima has succeeded in presenting his best masterpieces in a unique and distinctive game. This genre managed to sedate the players to continue playing the game without limits.

The Death Stranding Death Stranding by Sony Interactive Entertainment story begins with an event nicknamed “Death Stranding” which brought tremendous disaster in the United States. As a result of this incident, an evil entity nicknamed BT (Beached Things) came to the surface of the earth.

These evil creatures are ready to invade the remaining mankind and finish off humans with the utmost ease. Not only that, if humans are dead, BT can make the human corpses also turn into BT like them. Even BT can cause a void out effect. Void out is a devastating effect that can shatter everything easily, with the result of a giant hole like after being hit by a meteor.

The Death Stranding by Sony Interactive Entertainment story also feels even more terrifying with the phenomenon called Timefall. This phenomenon comes from rain that makes anything that is touched experience a very fast time acceleration.

If there are humans who are exposed to this rain, they will age quickly. Even more terrible, Timefall doesn’t only apply to humans but also other things. If there is an object that is exposed to this rain, then the object will be easily damaged due to age. Even though it is detrimental to humans, this rain is lucky for BT because it can make it easier for BTs to roam around. This chaos makes humans have to be able to survive at all costs.

The main character of Death Stranding is a courier with special powers nicknamed “repatriate” named Reedus Sam “Porter” Bridges. His special power allows him to come back to life and grow strong. Once upon a time, his mother who was the president of the United States entrusted what was left of the country to Sam. After his mother’s death, his brother Amelie became the new president to replace Bridget. From here the story develops into an exciting one because Sam has to go on an adventure to save human existence.

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Thrilling Gameplay of Death Stranding by Sony Interactive Entertainment

Death Stranding by Sony Interactive Entertainment

Death Stranding by Sony Interactive Entertainment gameplay offers players a great deal of curiosity. When playing this game, you will feel a gaming experience that has never been felt through other games. The Social Strand genre presented by the developer has succeeded in capturing the attention of the players.

The Death Stranding by Sony Interactive Entertainment storyline will generate great curiosity so that it makes you want to play it continuously. In the world of Death Stranding, the destruction of the world will feel even closer when there is an ultimate phenomenon called “Last Stranding” that can destroy the world. The main task of the characters you play is to prevent this phenomenon from happening.

In each chapter, the Death Stranding by Sony Interactive Entertainment character must be able to pass the challenges that confront him every time he sends an item. Starting from just a steep terrain to enemies like humans and BT who are ready to thwart your mission.

Slowly but surely, the rhythm of the Death Stranding game feels denser and more varied as the game progresses. Every delivery of goods always has a challenge that is ready to come in your way, so the character you play must prepare a variety of qualified equipment if you don’t want to have difficulties along the way.

When deciding to bring equipment, you must be able to organize it well. Why? Because of the more items that are brought, the slots will have no space. Besides, Sam’s body will also get slower and fall more easily. As the game progresses, you will also be able to access vehicles such as motorbikes and cars which are very helpful in this tiring journey. The conflicts and intrigues that Sam will encounter along the way will be both thrilling and curious.

Death Stranding by Sony Interactive Entertainment Has Super Cinematic Beautiful Look

Death Stranding’s unique story is presented to perfection with a super charming cinematic aspect. Each cutscene that is presented feels very detailed and long, so it feels like a box office. Death Stranding by Sony Interactive Entertainment graphic visuals are enchanting through various scenes in the aesthetic shooting. Everything that is displayed in this game feels so alive and real like the original.

Death Stranding by Sony Interactive Entertainment displays in various interaction details such as picking up items, eating, bathing, defecating, and so on, wrapped through a small cutscene that still brings out a stunning cinematographic effect.

The details of the characters look so real together with the environment they describe. Even the enemies are also depicted in such an epic way, complete with weapons. Especially when certain phenomena occur, the Death Stranding lighting effect looks so real in a beautiful design.

What else is interesting about this game? The Death Stranding by Sony Interactive Entertainment soundtrack was perfectly prepared to indulge every player’s ears. You will enjoy a myriad of soundtracks that are perfectly tucked into every scene.

Some popular musicians such as Chvrches, Low Roar, Silent Poets to Bring Me The Horizon appear charming to complement the audio of this game. You will also find many more bands with famous songs ready to rock your gaming world.

The Death Stranding by Sony Interactive Entertainment soundtrack list fits perfectly with each chapter presented. This game with the best soundtrack is ready to rock the gaming world with unbeatable visuals.

When playing this game, you will be amazed by the beauty of every piece of display that is presented. These things make Death Stranding the PS4 game very worthy of being named the best game among others. Enjoy the perfection of a thrilling action-adventure in a new game world in amazing Death Stranding.

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