Get to Know and Learn about the Capsa Susun Online Gambling Games

Get to Know and Learn about the Capsa Susun Online Gambling Games

Capsa Susun Online – Hearing the word capsa stacking may be familiar to poker fans. But for people who are not fans of gambling or who have just started betting capsa stacking is a very foreign word, I will take this opportunity to publish an article on the subject of knowledge Discuss and learn to play Capsa Susun online gambling games.

Capsa Susun consists of the words Capsa and Stacking, for Capsa itself the meaning of the word is 13 and while Stacking is the arrangement of an object or other thing, Capsa Stacking is a poker game that is played with playing cards and is played by 4 people each player is dealt 13 cards each and then arranges them immediately.

Story of Capsa Susun Games


The history of the Capsa stacking game itself comes from the Asia-Pacific region, especially Hong Kong, this game first appeared in the 19th, repeatedly As this game spread to mainland China, the Chinese also spread it to other countries via trade routes.

That’s a little glimpse into the history of capsa stacking, for the next one we will learn about capsa stacking

Getting to Know the Cards and Combinations of the Capsa Susun Games

Playing Capsa Stacking isn’t much different from poker games, the names of the combinations are almost the same but the arrangement of the cards is different, to make it easier I will provide illustration images and descriptions below.

Combination of cards from highest to lowest value

From the above figures and explanations we can recognize and learn the capsa stacking game.

That was the explanation of knowing and learning how to play Capsa Susun online gambling. Hopefully it can help you learn Capsa Susun game and visit situs capsa online, thanks. / Dy

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