Big Bad Wolf Slot Review [The Best Game for Winning Big]

Big Bad Wolf slot review,

Big Bad Wolf slot review,

In this Big Bad Wolf slot review, we will talk about the features which exist in the game. First of all, Big Bad Wolf is made by the Swedish game studio Quickspin.

The slot is based on the famous fairy tale of the three little pigs who are attacked by a big bad wolf. 

In this case, by the way, a particularly well-dressed wolf. When you start playing, you can see the wobbly straw house in which one of the pigs lives on the outside.

Not only does the house look wonderful inside and out, all details of the castle are insanely well cared for. It’s like watching a Pixar cartoon.

There is only one part that was less successful about the slot machine and that is the background noise. Hm we think, the soundtrack is mediocre and doesn’t really fit the story of the slot.

Big Bad Wolf Slot Review

1. The Features in Game

Big Bad Wolf has 5 reels and 25 paylines that you always play all by default. The minimum bet is pleasantly cheap at $0.25.

The symbols of the slot consist of the three little pigs (purple, blue and green), the wolf, a beehive that counts as a joker, a stuffed pig and also the standard symbols found on many slots these days: 10, J, Q, K and A.

The symbols do not roll before your eyes, but fall down like blocks, just like in the popular slot game Gonzo’s Quest.

If you have a winning combination, the winning blocks disappear. In its place are new symbols, with which you can win prizes again. The spin only ends when you don’t get any more winning combinations.

1. Special Thing

The special thing about Big Bad Wolf is a bonus feature that Quickspin calls: Pigs turn wild. The three piglets can turn into wilds. 

If you get a prize four times in a row, the second biggest also becomes a joker. And if you have six winning combinations in a row, all three piglets count as jokers.

This principle is very exciting! With a bit of luck you will end up in a long winning series in which more and more symbols count as jokers, making you win prize after prize.

2. The Feature

When you get three big bad wolves together, the wolf will blow the straw house flat. After that you get 10 free spins. Within the free spins you can get three wolves again, for even more free spins. That can add up.

During the feature, there is a moon symbol on the last reel. If you put three moons together during your spins, the wolf has enough power to blow down the wooden house. The wolf will then give you 2 extra free spins.

The wolf then aims his arrows at the stone house. If you collect three more moons together, the wolf will also blow up the piglets’ stone house. You will then receive 2 extra free spins and a multiplier of x2. 

2. The 1000 Spins in Big Bad Wolf

We played 1000 spins on Big Bad Wolf with a bet of $0.25 per spin.

Within 10 minutes there was more than $25 profit on the screen. We got the feature almost immediately and again shortly after. The second time the free spins yielded$31.75. That’s 127x the stake. That’s a nice start.

Even after the stormy start, the three wolves continued to fall faithfully every so many spins. Apparently the wolf really wanted a tender roast piglet.

In total, we got the feature 13 times. During those spins, moons almost always fell and the wolves often came by again: another 10 free spins.

We came to like the wolf more and more and definitely less and less ‘bad’. And well, and then those piglets should build a better house, what you.

Later, we were a bit consumed with his winnings. The final score after 1000 spins is $4.50 plus. Do your best only at dominoqq which leads you to something unexpected.

In conclusion of the Big Bad Wolf slot review, we are quite happy. Excitement, sensation, and in terms of design a feast for the eyes. In addition, the prizes you can win are by no means childish.

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