ILAB stands out from many news sites; Technology, Gadgets, Android, Games, iPhone, others. We offer content with different writing styles and in-depth material.

Comes through a unique history, where we decided to buy a domain called This was, perhaps, a manufacturing site operating in Japan. Many are related to iPhone products.

We decided to publish some old content. Because seeing there are quite a number of large sites linking it as a source. We categorize the content in the Archive category.

We thought, maybe that’s important.

Currently, ILAB is consistent in its activities to produce content to reach a wide readership community. Of course, through in-depth writing about the problems, challenges and trends facing society today.

We are present and can be easily accessed via; web, mobile device, aims to provide benefits:

About ILAB targets

ILAB is the online crossroads of serious technology buyers, targeted technical content, and technology providers around the world.

Our media, supported by Web Developer and SEO Expert – Garuda SEO. Which serves as a partner to help technically develop the site.

ILAB has a target to become a capable media; change the way technology buyers view and engage based on their active projects, specific technical priorities, and business needs.

With more than 100 technology-specific websites, we provide technology marketers with innovative media that provide unmatched reach through advertising, branding and custom lead generation solutions all built on our extensive network of online and social media.

ILAB has offices in South Jakarta.