5 Best Android Snake Games

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5 Best Android Snake Games – Discussing games provided from Google Play Store as if there is no end. One of the most hit games is the snake game on android. Now the snake game has a variety of concepts and differs according to the developer who released it. For example, snake games with the theme of forests, mountains, outer space, to plantations.

These snake games are packaged very creatively. So that when it is played it feels different. Coupled with a game concept that is not monotonous. Make snake game fans feel at home for long.

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5 Best Android Snake Games

Only on the Google Play Store will you find a row of the best Android snake games. Starting from the slither snake game to the once very popular Nokia snake game. Check out the following reviews.

1. Slither.io

5 Best Android Snake Games

The slither.io game is said to be very global and the most downloaded via the PlayStore. Just imagine, until now it has been downloaded more than 4 million times by smartphone users.

Even though it looks practical and simple, the slither.io game is played by all ages. The fans also admit that this one game is very addictive. The gameplay is very easy because your snake character only crawls and looks for food in the form of scattered lights.

To win a match, there are several rules that must be obeyed. Like not hitting your opponent’s snake because it causes your snake to explode. In addition, avoid so that the snake’s head does not get hit by other parts of the snake because it will explode too.

2. Snakes & Ladders King

For those of you whose childhood was a fan of the snake and ladder game, Snakes & Ladders King is the best choice. This one game has the theme of papa snakes and ladders, statues, dice, and various snake characters in the 1990s.
By downloading the Snakes & Ladders King game through Google PlayStore it will bring you nostalgia. The games released by the mobirix developer are very exciting to be played by all ages. Regarding the rules of playing the game the same as the traditional snake and ladder game.

3. Snake ’97

Do you remember the snake-themed game on old Nokia cellphones. In the game Snake ’97 the theme of a snake is fairly legendary. In fact, the graphics presented are also monochrome like the old Nokia display.
For how to play it is also quite easy because it is just like the old snake game. Your snake can eat a whole block of food so that it grows longer.

4. Snake Off

Snake Off is one of the best android snake games similar to the Snake version ’97. The beginning of the game is seen from the size of the snake which was originally short. To make the Snake Off snake’s body long, it has to eat the food that is there.

This one game offers more colorful graphics and animation. So if you are expecting a monochrome look don’t expect to feel it. The main rule of Snake Off is that the head of the snake cannot hit or touch the body of other snakes. If this happens, your snake character will die and game over.

5. Snakes and Apples

Snakes and Apples is one of the fresher and more unique Android snake games. Moreover, game developers pack games with great fun because there are a number of advanced features. Magma Mobile developers admit that this game is suitable for all ages.

Moreover, how to play Snakes And Apples is quite practical and can make people addictive. This game, which is included in the light game category, can be played with a snake that eats an apple to stay alive. / Dy

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