次期iPhone5と思われるパーツをいくつか入手しました。(We have got some of the parts might to be of next iPhone.)

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前回の投稿「次期iPhoneと思われる設計図の一部を入手しました。」で掲載した設計図と今回入手したパーツを比較してみるとほぼサイズが一致しており今迄いくつかのサイトで掲載されているバックプレートのパーツと 同一のパーツだと思われます。

iLab Factory has got several parts like as backplate and flaxble cable of upcoming next iphone5.
We have compired the several parts which we have got recently with blueprint that have been published in “we have got the part of upcoming next iPhone5`s blueprint ” in priviusly. In fact there sizes are almost fits and parts like as backplate are same with which given by the other sites.
You can find some photos of iPhone5`s outlooking and figure on any sites, but this time according to many years of experiences iLab Factory dicided to worked at its inner part of upcoming next iphone5.


The three screw holes shown in the right side of the picture are for fixing the platform.
We think that four screw holes under the directinal marker (on the opposite side are six) are for fixing the midframe, but the upcoming next iphone5 is not opens from the back side like as iphone 4/4s and the glass part is crimped such as tape. According to our surmise, when you replacement it you should peeled off the glass part, and then you can take off the mid-frame.


In addition, the left of the sleep button hole has four holes for fixing something else.
The switch part of flex cable which is regulate sleep, silent mode, and volume has been compacted and suppose that the whole configuration will become with much differences.






The suitable buttons (black and white) for the frame has upgraded quality also.
The mark inside of the Home button is also done with a stylish design.


Now, let’s take a combination the glass of touch panel which have got in previously with parts that we have now.
With the highest imagination upcoming next iphone 5`s style and outlooking will be as following.
The high‐grade sensation on aluminum frame made the surface more richer.
Featuring with lighter, thinner upcoming next iPhone5 will releasing very soon and we will wait it!!

カテゴリー: アイラボファクトリーが配信した過去のリーク情報, ニュース タグ: パーマリンク

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